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conditions. the stock market has the best week of gains in two years. and from near death to a champion. the story of a bay area boy overcoming odds . good evening, t. is friday july 1st, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. a week of fireworks on wall street ended with another bang as the stocks wrapped up their most impressive week of all- times. a rebound of manufacturing, the dow gained 168 points, nasdaq rose 42 after opening below 12,000 the dow tacked on 648 points. it amounts to gains of 5.4%. the dow's best week since july
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2009. >> reporter: in a word, the stock mark set on a tear. on monday morning for every $1,000 invested in the s&p five00, the brood measure of stock market, you made $56 this week. now, since the market hit a recession low in 2009 you more than doubled it, now have $2130 and you are $76 short of the first recession high hit last april. >> this has been an excellent week. >> reporter: u.s. manufacturing numbers are better than expected, kopled onity prices stabilized and gasoline prices declining, japan's tsunami recovery is well underway and the greek debt crisis has been averted. >> we expect employment to keep gaining, we expect the economy to keep expanding. >> you can take a view that the economy is almost spring loaded for growth. >> reporter: the golden gate university of business says if
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the u.s. does not default on the its debt the te aleves are lining up. >> we -- tea leaves are lining up. >> we may see a spur of growth t. is held back by temporary factors. >> reporter: many people do not think it is relevant to them. the fact is, millions of retirement accounts, 401k and corporate investments directly depend on success in the stock market. kwropl tom vacar, -- i'm tom vacar, ktvu2 news. zinga is going to go hop bar. in the filing the company reported nearly $600 million in revenues last year. earning profits of $90 million. they hope to raise up to $1 billion in the first stock sale. the 4th of july weekend is here and thousands are on the road right now. let's go outside right now to give you a live look at interstate 80. this picture backs up what i checked on the traffic section
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of our web site. traffic here is going well eastbound and westbound. a lot of people got out early or making a later get away. let's head down southbound interstate 280, much of the statement story in the southbound as well. traffic flowing beautifully. triple-a estimates fewer californians will hit the road this year than last year because of high grass prices and financial pressure. >> law enforcement is having officers as possible on the lookout this weekend. many throughout the bay area will be having saturation patrol. instead of checkpoints this weekend. the police say the dui check point at 6:00 and most start later tonight. more than 14,000 drivers were arrested last 4th of july weekend here in california for driving under the influence. on the other hand, check concerns are not slowing down holiday air travel. >> i am willing to make sacrifice for family. i will go, no matter what.
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>> today we found the airport bustling with people looking to get away. the travel numbers are up from last year. 4th of july weekend airfares are up 11% this year. up in the sierra, just in time for the holiday weekend, summer has finally arrived. families at southlake tahoe went swimming and boating in the sunshine. all of the late rains businesses and bike rentals are off to a slow start this season. ski resorts are taking adsrapbltage of 4th of fourth -- advantage of 4th of july travel. to help make your manning easier we posted a link on our web site for more. many people are trying to get their hands on fireworks before the 4th of july. gillroy is one of the communities that allows the sale of safe and sane fireworks. 16 community groups are permitted to sell fireworks to their residents only. they have to make sure the
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buyers understand the law. customers often ask for more exciting fireworks. >> we explain to them because of dry brush and the heat that we have in california that those things just are not allowed. these are the ones that stay close to the ground. the police and cal fire are trying to limit the sale of fireworks by monstoring web sites like craigslist, businesses that we called said they only sell legal fireworks despite what their web sites say. maria shrive filed divorce papers today to end her marriage to arnold schwarzenegger. six weeks ago you will remember the former governor admitted to fathering a child with their housekeeper. they are seeking custody of their two children and they have two adult children. it does not indicate if they a prenumpule agreement. we have more on the fire that killed two firefighters. the investigators believe the fire was ágsal and most likely
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sparked by electrical problems. electrical components from the 4-story house are still being tested. two firefighters were caught in a flash fire triggered by the build up of gases. the san jose fraternity that lost its home to a 5 alarm fire is helping others in need. they donated boxes and bags full of clothing to sacred heart community services. after the fire they received more clothing donations than needed. sacred heart helps homeless families, the biggest need is men's clothing and shoes. now, ripping lights from a scoreboard at kennedy park in napa this week. the damage estimated tkhrat 25,000 for a few hundred worth of copper wire. two suspects were caught in the act by the police. repairs are going to take a month. in the meantime the teams will not be able to play any of their scheduled night games. santa clara county is looking to get a better
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understanding of their homeless community. homeless and others lined up outside of city hall to find housing and other services. today's event capped a 3-day survey of the homeless population. an increase in number of families are among the estimated 7,000 homeless people in the county. >> one of the most painful things to learn is how many folks are seniors outside. we had over 70 folks over the age of 60. >> activists are creating a registry of names and photos of the long time homeless residents to get better care. they say 51 homeless people died on santa clara streets last year. the board of supervisors budget committee approved a budget this morning. the budget retained the police academy class and funding for the sheriff's department. to provide security at san francisco general. now, the full board is set to vote on the budget july 19th. business owners in san
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francisco corador are pushing for a police station. they say crime is rampid in that area. two weeks ago a man was gunned down and a restaurant owner was attacked and robbed. the officers are stretched too thin. after several meetings this week an agreement was reached. the redevelopment agents will pay the $250,000 agreement. a bay area marine, back home from the frontlines of afghanistan, his story on this independence day weekend, straight ahead. as the weather warms up this weekend something for beachgoers to think about as they traverse to sand. the new warning about what is below the surface. the warm up has arrived. coming up a growing group of cities that'll be in the 90s for tomorrow and highlight the hottest day of the holiday weekend
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. crews are working to repair a water main break. the view here from news chopper 2 a short time later shows water and mud along the road. east bay mud spokesman says 100 customers initially lost water and everything should be repaired by 8:00 tonight. it is unknown what caused the pipe to break. audacity of hope, shown here, was forced to return to a greek port today. nine activists were killed last year. activists claim two of the nine boats in this year flotila have been sabotaged. >> i am concerned. i have been concerned from the beginning because they have been making threats of violence. >> gaza is ruled by hamas.
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it is a terrorist organization. >> local activists are monitoring the situation from a home in san rafael tonight and hope they will be able to challenge the gaza block aid in the next couple of days. just in time for the 4th of july weekend a 19-year-old man received a hero's welcome. we were the only reporter there when the young marine returned home from afghanistan and shared his thoughts on the meaning of independence day. >> reporter: an escort for a u.s. marine. lance corporal riley walter. his hometown street packed with family and friends and the driveway, a handshake and a hug from dad. >> probably the proudest guy in town right now. >> reporter: and a long awaited kiss from his high school sweetheart. >> it was one of the greatest feelings, you know, being home. i am glad to be home. >> reporter: lance corporal riley walter comes home on a holiday weekend when they are ready to celebrate the red,
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white, and blue. and this young man knows now the importance of independence day. >> my experience changed. it makes me so much more proud. a lot more honor in it. i love serving the country. a greatination. we were doing great things. >> your service, our freedom. leading walter's escort is a veteran himself. >> we need to celebrate more as far as old glory, the red, white, and blue. god bless america. you are here in the land of the free because of the brave. >> reporter: lance corporal wanter served seven months in afghanistan, 2nd battalion sniper platoon. his mother says he is happy to return this holiday weekend. >> just proud. so overwhelmed right now. with emotions. >> no doubt in my mind they
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raised me as good as possible. i mean, does not get better than that. >> word from a proud son, a u.s. marine, home to celebrate his nation's independence. >> he is now overseeing generals. peneta returned the absolute to a marine corp general upon arriving as the first day of defense secretary today. pineda recorded a 4th of july message introducing himself to troops. heed he will fight on their behalf and wants to hear their ideas and concerns. new york prosecutors announce problems with sexual assault case against the montaer fund today. strauss-kahn walked out with his arm around his wife today. he was under house arrest. he still faces charges for attacking a hotel worker in may. they say the woman has a history of lying. baseball as american as the 4th of july, and one east bay
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boy overcome e mention obstacles to have a victory that surpassed his parent's dream. we have an inspirational story you will see only here. >> a tournament of champions. the lock amteam took home the crown. it did so to the players that beat life-threatening odds to take the field. 12-year-old jack looks like any other little leaguer. he helped lead his team from danville to the regional championship. >> it means we are the best in district 57. >> reporter: getting there did not come easy for jack. >> he was born and we did not know there were any problems until about 18 hours later when he was really blue and would not wake up. >> reporter: he had hypoplastic heart syndrome. heart transplant, three major open-heart surgeries, take him home and let him pass away. jackie's parents chose the
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three surgeries with a conservative prognoseis. >> the range was from brain damage, you know, death to, you know, fine motor skill problems. >> reporter: none of that came true. last year jack decided to play baseball for the first time with his heart that is just weaker than other kids. the outfielder got the first hit in the championship game. he made a game-saving catch in the tournament. >> i just went down into a slide and caught it right by my face and it madey me feel really good. >> reporter: mike pháeubgfarlin is his coach. >> he is a 12-year-old so i will not have him, i wish he was 10 so i could have him for a couple more years. >> reporter: his mom, just happy. >> it is amazing. >> reporter: jack and his family says it showed all of them he can do anything he puts
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his mind to. university of colorado and utah officially joined the pac- 10. it will be known as the pac-12. adding two divisions. they announced a new television deal with fox and espn. nba owners drew the line in the sand for the lockout. today the league pulled ought photos from the web site, the site contains images of cheerleaders and inactive players and mascots. the expired bargaining agreement allowed them to control the licenses of player images to the nba. the signs of west nile virus has been spotted in the bay area. an infected bird was found in walnut creek and two birds that infected mosquitoes in santa clara county. warmer weather and standing water left by a long rainy season could lead to an
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explosion in west nile. just in time for the 4th of july new health warnings about the beach sand. we report from san francisco's ocean beach with surprising answers. >> reporter: children most susceptible to infections. >> you will be able to find a fish that my friend is getting right now. >> bacteria is everywhere. so, i would not think that it is not at the beach. >> reporter: scientists say the surface is not usually the problem. because the sun uv rays keep the bacteria levels down. digging down a bit reveals colonies of bacteria including salmonella and staph, parasites and viruses including pep tight
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hepatitis and lopus. >> i am not worry about it. >> reporter: they found beaches within a mile of sewage or storm drains three times more contaminated. >> everything runs down. this is where the storm runs off from the street is coming. >> researchers say good advise is to wash and sanitize hands, to clean children's hands often and wash thoroughly after getting home. health and science editor, ktvu channel 2 news. golden gate workers canceled out today's strike. they initially canceled today's strike at 5:30 this morning. ferry terminals opened with the employees doing their duties. many passengers scrambled back to the terminal after they heard they will be operating. they want better severance pay as they are weaning out their
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employees. canada is celebrating their royal visitors. prince william and princess catherine, they handed out flags to kapbd da's newest citizens. they are 144 years old. also, today, princess diana would have been 50 years old. his mother might of appreciated prince william address the crowd in french. the effort to keep the state parks open is if it is or not. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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has seen in all of his 20 years at sea. if you are in the water or just looking at it it will be a great week tonight go to the beach, right? >> yes, gasia. remember a few days ago we were tracking rainfall. now, the temperatures are back up in the 70s, 80s, 90s and possibly in triple digits. we are looking for the fog . it is way out there. it is warm, a hot day across the region. still, a mild evening across the bay area. overnight lows, clear skies, some patchy coastal fog. not a lot. and, the temperatures, most areas in the 50s to the lower 60s. san jose right around 60. microclimate is breaking out in full force for tomorrow. san francisco back up into the 70s. right around oakland into the lower 80s. you can see the temperatures gauge warming up inland. you would expect, approaching the low to middle 90s and the
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warmest locations about 94 and 95, 96 degrees. the pressure is building in from the southwest. it will expand and strengthen over a good portion of the state including the bay area. with that we have the 70s, 80s and 90s. sunday the hottest day w. that, inland neighborhoods at 100 degrees. and, just a little bit of cooling on monday for 4th of july as we have a breeze. we are still talking about at least middle 90s inland and 60s for the shoreline. so, still, a warm to hot weekend. here is the forecast model. showing patchy fog, first thing tomorrow morning for saturday. in the coast, maybe a few patches going into the bay. look at what happens as we take it into the afternoon hours. the clouds on the decrease and with that mostly sunny skies and most areas, about the same as today or a few degrees warmer than this afternoon.
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santa rosa, 41. fairfield, upper 70s and 80s in the armest locations. going back up to the middle to upper 90s. san jose, gilroy, 96 degrees. san francisco, beautiful. pacificca at 66 degrees. the peak on sunday, a little bit of cooling on monday for 4th of july. hold on to a warm to hot weekend. kaolging on the coast side, mark? >> thank you. a northern california tkpwrorbgry grocery store is trying to save state parks. they are donating a nickel for every paper bag used. that is our report for tonight.
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i'm gasia mikaelian, bay area news at 7:00 returns on monday. our coverage continues on line at and with tonight's 10:00 news over on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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